Man sentenced for committing brass-knuckled assault during a home invasion

Anthony Maurice George, 26, of Kettle Point, previously plead guilty to assaulting a man with brass knuckles and using a prohibited weapon, has been sentenced to six months in jail for his part in a home invasion.

He had used the brass knuckles to beat another man during the invasion.

Two men burst into a Sarnia occupied where a man and woman resided on Dec. 13, 2001. The woman was pushed and the man was punched in the face by George who was wearing the brass knuckles.

Defense attorney Terry Brandon told the court that the other intruder had some difficulty with the man before George became involved and no money was taken during the incident.

George’s criminal record, that includes assaults, a drug conviction and theft, was admitted when a joint submission from Crown and defense lawyers for the six-month sentence was presented.

His sentence includes 51 days of pre-sentence custody, to be followed by 18 months probation, a 10-year weapons ban was imposed, and George must provide police with a DNA sample.

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