Maybe Sarnia isn’t quite as ‘broken’ as I thought

New collaborative alliance is but one sign that the community has what it takes to succeed in the long term

Dr. Mehdi Sheikhzadeh of Lambton College, left, and Tim Knapp of Arlanxeo, are pictured at the launch of Sarnia-Lambton Innovation Bridge.

In recent days, I’ve written a couple of pieces—HERE and HERE—that offer suggestions as to what’s needed to “Fix” Sarnia.

In light of a recent initiative undertaken by a broadly based group that is poised to dramatically advance our business base, maybe there’s a lot more hope for the future than once thought.

The kind of thinking around Sarnia-Lambton Innovation Bridge is exactly what’s needed to drive our community forward.

What’s particularly positive about the initiative is how the Innovation Bridge partners are working together for our common good, the key being the desire to collaborate like never before.

That kind of thinking is really at the heart of what Lambton Shield is also trying to do, but on a level that goes beyond even the business community.

I’ve been here more than 30 years now and seeing all elements of our community work together has never ceased to amaze me, particularly when focusing on the needs of others is the big motivator.

Hearing the stories of how people take action was the motivation behind a podcast series that I launched more than a year ago. I see it as an opportunity to speak to people one-on-one about how they are working to improve life in our community. This coming Wednesday, I’ll keep that going with a conversation I had recently with Anne Marie Gillis, a veteran City/County Councillor.

But there are other ways you can help Lambton Shield connect with the community.

I’m currently looking for people who are interested in contributing their expertise or interest in Lambton Shield. Through articles and photography, it’s part of our vision that we can do even more to build a community that gets stronger as a result of our connections to one another.

Stories that we can share are a key way to build community. If something like that interests you personally, I invite you to contact me directly by email ([email protected]) or phone (519) 466-2811.

And let’s keep the conversation going.

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