Mayor Bradley says independent review of Hydro One security needed after weekend mischief downs power for 20,000

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley put out a statement today questioning Hydro One's security measures in the wake of the weekend vandalism that triggered a temporary power outage for 20,000 energy customers.

Early Saturday morning, the Scott Road transformer substation was compromised resulting in a complete power outage for thousands of local customers including local industry heavyweights Imperial Oil, Suncor and BP. This breach also resulted in the Chemical Valley Emergency Coordinating Organization (CVECO) declaring a Code 8 (loss of power). The all clear wasn't announced until 9 a.m. and power wasn't fully restored to all customers until around 10 a.m.

Sarnia Fire Services stood by because a Code 8 was called and there was above normal high flaring occurring.

Bradley said the city has still not been contacted by Hydro One with an explanation for the incident, calling it "an evident lack of security and poor handling of the situation."

Preliminary reports said an unidentified person got access to the substation and took actions that resulted in power outage.

"There appears to be no security at what is one of the most important substations, feeding the largest industrial complex in Ontario."

Bradley has formally requested an independent review of Hydro One and its security in the Sarnia area, adding that he will ask that it be made a priority.

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