Mayor invites asbestos businessman to visit Sarnia

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley

Sarnia's mayor wants a Montreal man who plans to ramp up exports of asbestos from a mine in Quebec to come here to experience the stories of those most affected to the mineral.

Citing a crowd of some 500 people who gathered in Centennial Park on a cold and windy day on Saturday to protest what he calls “the deadly export,” Mike Bradley has appealed to Baljit Singh Chadha to visit Sarnia.
“I am issuing you and invitation to visit Sarnia to meet face to face with those who have been victimized by this deadly exposure in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's,” writes Bradley. “And to visit the waterfront memorial to those who lost their lives in the workplace due to exposure to asbestos.”

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  • adam

    I think it’s important to recognize that current NDP Candidate Brian White has been leading the fight on Asbestos in Sarnia for quite awhile. He hasn’t been mentioned by the Observer or any of the other coverage of the memorial we just had, yet they mentioned Pat Davidson whom wasn’t saying a word until Brian pushed her on it.