Mayor’s message on hiring disabled is spreading

Latest example is column that appeared in Peterborough Examiner

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, who was recently invited to speak at Inclusive Communities Summit (his own report on the visit can be seen here) on the subject of advocating for the hiring of people with disabilities, is continuing to hear his message of inclusivity spread across the country.

The latest example is a column by David Goyette, a communications consultant from Peterborough who writes a weekly column in the Peterborough Examiner, a sister publication of the Observer in Sarnia (both are Postmedia publications).

While we aren’t permitted to reprint the column, we are told we can link to it (and quote from it). The column appears here.

Goyette lauds Bradley’s message but isn’t quite as positive about the chances of Peterborough taking up the cause, writing that the city has no data on the number of employees who have disabilities,  no programs designed to hire people with disabilities, be they physical, sensory, cognitive or intellectual. It has no work plan in place to look at the merits or costs of hiring people with disabilities. The city’s Human Resources division has not reported to city council on the demographic or diversity characteristics of its employees in at least a year.”

Still, the message is out there. And the word is spreading.

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