Millwright grads now able to work out west

Effective January 10, 2012, graduates of the Lambton College Millwright Mechanical Technician (MTIM) program will receive official recognition for their in-school training hours should they register as a millwright apprentice in Alberta.

Lambton’s MTIM program offers eligible students the opportunity to register as apprentices with the Industrial Education Cooperative (IEC) as their sponsor. Contained within the two year mechanical technician program are 720 hours of in-school training, a component of an Ontario Millwright apprenticeship. MTIM graduates registered as apprentices and seeking employment in Alberta will now be exempt from taking 720 hours of Alberta’s required hours of in-school training. These graduates will also be recognized for the hours they have been employed as apprentices.

MTIM graduates who did not register as apprentices receive the same recognition in Ontario for the in-school training as graduates who registered as apprentices. However, these non-apprentice graduates seeking employment in Alberta will, upon registering as an apprentice, be required to complete Alberta’s exemption tests. Employers in Alberta may also choose to grant hours for related work performed in Ontario.

“The recognition by the Government of Alberta opens another opportunity for our graduates,” said Henry Reiser, Dean, School of Technology, Energy and Apprenticeship. “Every door we can open will help in the success of these grads.”

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) recognizes MTIM as a co-op/diploma program with dual qualifications. It meets the standards of a Mechanical Technician program and exceeds the standards of the in-school training requirements of an Industrial Millwright apprenticeship program. The MTIM program was created to ‘raise the bar’ for mechanical millwright training. Industry personnel were heavily involved in its creation and wanted graduates who would embrace life-long learning and be able to maintain the increasingly complex equipment used in industry.

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