MPP hits back at ‘unacceptable’ lack of action on Highway 402

Reaction comes one day after yet another accident involving trucks approaching Blue Water Bridge tolls

MPP Bob Bailey has fired off a stinging rebuke to the provincial Minister of Transport after yesterday’s three-truck collision approaching the Blue Water Bridge, citing warnings he has made on numerous occasions.

“This is the exact same location that I have warned the MTO about in writing on numerous occasions,” Bailey said in his Feb. 22 letter addressed to Kathryn McGarry. “Once again the accident involved a transport truck plowing into the back of another transport that had come to a stop as it waited to pass through the Blue Water Bridge toll booths.”

Bailey said the implications for incidents like this could have been much more serious.

“Highway 402 cuts directly through the middle of the City of Sarnia and Village of Point Edward and many shipments of hazardous materials move along this stretch of road each day. If one of these shipments was involved in a crash it could impact tens of thousands of people who live in the immediate vicinity,” he wrote.

Bailey said that while he has heard from constituents locally about ideas for reducing the number of incidents, past provincial funding for dangerous stretches of provincial highways has been made, noting Highway 401 through Chatham-Kent as one example.

“I believe that increased funding for a dedicated unit of OPP officers patrolling Highway 402
through Sarnia-Lambton is warranted when you consider the consistent pattern of accidents
on this road,” Bailey wrote.

Bailey pointed to a local “blitz” that occurred last August when 102 charges (roughly half of which involved commercial vehicles) were made.

Bailey also referenced another 162 charges made between Sept. 12 and Nov. 12 along the same stretch of road, asking that the government immediately prioritize the issue.

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