Nearly half of commercial vehicles stopped in area inspection taken off the road

An inspection of some 16 commercial vehicles in the area, conducted Tuesday (Oct. 23) by a Joint Forces Operation involving Sarnia Police, Chatham-Kent Police, the OPP, Ministry of Finance and CN Police, resulted in seven of the vehicles taken off the road.

Reasons cited were various defects, including incomplete daily trip inspections and non-compliant annual inspections, said police.

In once case, a trailer being towed was over its weight limit.

Police said a total of 20 provincial offence notices were issued. The Ministry of Finance completed 19 fuel inspections to determine whether vehicles were using the proper, taxed fuel (farm fuel has a special dye and is not permitted for use in non-farm vehicles).

The day was considered a success and another inspection will be conducted in the near future, said police.

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