Need a reminder of the dangers of distracted driving?

Driver plows into back of Nissan Pathfinder

This is what can happen when you're "looking elsewhere" when you should be paying attention to what's ahead of you on the road.

Sarnia resident Dave Marshall does what many people do who live on busy streets like Indian Road. He backs into his driveway, which anyone who works in an area plant will attest, makes forĀ a safer way to pull out into traffic.

Just a few days ago, Marshall and his wife were on their way home, pulled in front of their home and put the four-way flashers on to warn vehicles behind them that they should pull around while he waited for a lull in traffic in order to back into his Indian Road driveway.

All good so far.

Several vehicles did just that, paying attention and doing what every good driver out there is expected to do.

Then Marshall looked in the rearview mirror and saw a vehicle coming straight at him, with apparently no indication that the driver was going to slow down.

A few seconds later, Marshall and his wife were hit from behind, the subsequent crash totalling their relatively new Nissan Pathfinder.

Marshall and his wife, who were protected by air bags and seat belts, were shaken but apparently unharmed.

The two occupants of the vehicle that hit them were taken to hospital in separate ambulances. Marshall said police told him charges had been laid in what appears to be a case of distracted driving.

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