New commercial ethanol facility gets federal funding

Two projects at Woodland Biofuels expected to create more than 300 jobs

The Federal Government says it is investing more than $4.7 million for two projects being undertaken by Woodland Biofuels.

This week’s announcement, which was made this week by Kate Young, Liberal MP for London West, include projects that will produce ethanol from biomass waste.

Specifically, the funding includes $1.9 million from Natural Resources Canada’s Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program, to be directed to technology that produces ethanol from wood and agricultural waste.

Another $2.8 million, from the Clean Growth Program, also part of Natural Resources Canada, will help increase the efficiency of the company’s existing demonstration plant. I( will also help engineer Woodland’s first commercial-scale facility.

Greg Nuttall, Woodland Biofuels’ CEO, said the firm’s catalyst pressure reduction process converts biomass, including waste from forestry, agriculture, and municipalities, into automotive fuel.

“We’re using garbage, something that might otherwise go into landfill or just lie and rot on the forest floor,” said Nuttall. “We can use that to generate automotive fuel to power Canada’s transportation sector.”

The government funding, Nuttall added, will help complete the 80-million litre per year commercial plant’s third and final stage of pre-construction engineering.

A completed plant will create 324 full-time jobs, he said.

Nuttall said the project will contribute to a 92% reduction in emissions.

“So this is one of the few ways we can really move the needle on climate change.”

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