New grocery store secured for Bayside Centre

Davy Jones Quality Meats will use 8,000-square-foot space for full-line store

Photo courtesy Dana Piggott.

Bayside Centre is getting the grocery store that it’s been searching for since a new owner took possession last October.

Davy Jones Quality Meats, which currently operates from one location on Confederation Street between Murphy and indian Roads, has been selected as the tenant in a location once occupied by a call centre and before that, the now-defunct A&P (now Metro) brand.

The announcement was made on Monday by Bayside Centre owner Gord Laschinger.

He also told Council that the Drawbridge Inn, which he bought after making the Bayside Centre purchase, will be operated as a going concern, dispelling rumours that the building would be demolished. “The intention with the Drawbridge is to renovate it substantially and to invest quite a few million(s) of dollars into it,” Laschinger said.

A spokesman for Bayside Centre told Lambton Shield that Wilsondale Assets Management has no ownership interest in any of the properties but does provide accounting services to Laschinger’s company—Bayside Mall 2015 Inc.

Laschinger also updated Council on plans to extend the hours for underground parking at Bayside, including the addition of lighting and automated payment options for the facility, seen to be one of the strong points of the property.

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  • Sarnian

    Funny, they (Northern Ethanol, Laschinger, Bayside) claim that Sobey’s and Loblaws and another major grocery company were interested in that spot. Don’t fool people by claiming you are in negotiations with national tenants, and then become excited over a small chain knowing you weren’t their first nor second choice. Who are you lying to, the public or yourself?