New owner of London Road plaza plans to continue redevelopment

Group took over from developer who bought former Zeller's Plaza

A group headed by Rob Dawson, a well-known local entrepreneur, has acquired the London Road Shopping Centre, widely known as the former Zeller’s Plaza, at 1249 London Road.

Dawson’s father, Glenn Dawson, had previously managed the property, which was owned by an estate. Once that firm took over management of the property, the closed Zeller’s store was demolished. One of the notable changes is a second Giant Tiger store for the area but other parts of the property have also been updated.

The younger Dawson, who once owned a local marketing communications firm, also heads a company that developed and markets software used by food banks in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

His LinkedIn page says he has headed Lucror Property Investments since January 2010.

“We’ll be continuing revitalization to the site so the site can function as a modern, outdoor and standalone shopping centre with food service, traditional retail and professional services,” said Dawson in a media release.

The ownership change occurred at the end of March but Dawson took on management of the property in January.

Dawson has said more work on the property is likely to begin late this year or early next. He said approximately 70% of the total space in the development is now occupied with tenants.

Updated to correct error regarding ownership in second paragraph.

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  • Sarnian

    So, ownership changed hands from Father to Son apparently a month ago and this is cause to make the top story? Slow newsday? free advertising?