New program will focus on working with First Nations communities

Lambton College developed online courses in cooperation with local experts

Photo courtesy Tourism Sarnia-Lambton.

Lambton College has added a new three-course program designed to help those who work with First Nations communities in gaining a deeper understanding of the diversity and history that influence various business and community relationships.

The new three course program—Aboriginal Culture & Relationships—is the result of industry requests for professional development.

Accessed entirely online, the offering is expected to help professionals increase their knowledge of important issues within the Aboriginal cultures of Canada, as well as explore the legal status of Aboriginal people including topics such as Aboriginal rights and self-determination.

One of the courses, titled The 8th Fire: The Relationship Between Natives and Newcomers, will introduce learners to the Anishinaabe prophecy, which discusses the relationship between Native and non-Native people, and explore the various ways both groups can understand and learn from one another.

A second course, Canada’s First Nations Peoples, will take a closer look at the importance of traditions, values, and issues in the Aboriginal cultures of Canada. Other critical issues relating to land claims, justice and social services will also be studied. The history, culture, heritage and contemporary issues relating to Canadian Aboriginal groups will also be discussed in this course along with possible strategies of community empowerment.

Issues in diversity and inequality, particularly pertaining to race, gender, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation, will be examined in the third course, titled Diversity and First Nations Peoples. Information concerning history, culture, heritage and contemporary issues relating to Canadian Aboriginal groups and possible strategies of community empowerment are also discussed.

The program was designed with input from Lambton College’s Aboriginal/Cultural Learning Centre and local First Nations representatives. Program developers say the courses are easy to follow and learners can expect to be engaged while developing a deeper appreciation for First Nations communities, their issues and their culture.

Registration is currently open for the program, which starts May 10.

More information on course and program availability, including the new Aboriginal Culture & Relationships program, is available by calling (519) 541-2400 or by e-mail—

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