Noelle’s Gift gives $40,000 to local school board

Donation is latest in a total of $150k given to schools, more than $330k in total from charity

Noelle's Gift, a charity founded by the parents of a slain teacher, presented $40,000 to the Lambton Kent District School Board on Wednesday. Pictured from left are Helen Lane, principal of P.E. McGibbon Public School, Sandra Perkins, principal of Rosedale Public School, Jackie Major-Daamen from the Noelle's Gift Foundation, and Jim Costello, director of education.

Thanks to another $40,000 donation from Noelle’s Gift, the charity that was founded by the family of slain elementary teacher Noelle Paquette, children who come from families where providing even the basics—things like shoes, eye glasses, even dental work—are being helped.

Representatives from the charity, including Jackie Major-Daamen, say the organization is continuing a passion that the late school teacher displayed every day.

The public school board has received $150,000 in total over the last three years from the foundation established in memory of Sarnia kindergarten teacher Noelle Paquette.

The foundation also funds a student nutrition program. Major-Daamen says the foundation has raised $600,000 so far, with money going to both the public and separate school boards.

The funds have come from various fundraisers put on by schools, churches and other groups. Children are also involved in the effort, raising money through bake sales and other events.

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