Northern girls’ rugby team continues win streak

Team earns 27-7 victory against Chatham-Kent Hawks

Photo by Madison Taylor.

As the rugby season begins, practices become hard in order to be prepared. Both juniors and seniors are ready for a rough game, where tackling and strategic energy are involved.

Senior girls played a game in Chatham with the Northern Vikings versus Chatham-Kent Hawks Thursday afternoon. After a lot of tackling, running, and wrestling for the ball, the Northern girls pull out a 27-7 victory.

Northern team co-captain Kaela Goertz encouraged the team to continue being aggressive with the ball and to play as a team. She continued to cheer and enthuse the team despite being taken off the field for a hurt ankle. Overall both teams played hard and well, making it a challenge for the other.

After a restful weekend, the girls are ready to play another rough game of rugby, but against the Blenheim’s Bobcats. All players played hard and well, but Northern continued their streak and won with a score of 40-7.

Northern girls are preparing themselves for a tournament later this week in London. Congratulations to Northern, Blenheim, and Chatham on a great game of rugby.

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