Now’s the time to look around your house—are you ready for fall and beyond?

julie jenkins photoBy JULIE JENKINS

As we enjoy the last few days of summer and our thoughts turn to fall it’s a great time to think about how the changing seasons affect your home. Protect what is probably your biggest invest by getting into the habit of checking your home at the start of each season using a checklist to be sure that you don’t miss anything. A regular schedule of seasonal maintenance can put a stop to the most common and costly problems before they occur.

Fall is the time to get your home ready for the upcoming winter season, one of the hardest on your home. Here are a few things that you will want to check in the fall. Consider using a camera to capture pictures of anything that doesn’t look right to you. You can use the pictures to consult experts or to monitor the potential problems yourself.


Your roof is not something that you look at often because it is not at eye level and easily accessible but it is something that you should be checking. If you are not comfortable using a ladder yourself consider hiring a roofing company to check it for you. While you are on the roof check the gutters and downspouts for debris and clean them if necessary. Check the roof for loose or worn shingles; check the flashing around your chimney and any vents or skylights for any potential leaking problems. Take the time to fix any potential problems before they become large expensive repairs.

Around the outside

Take a walk around the outside of your house and check around the foundation for any low lying areas where water may pool and potentially find its way into your basement and fill these areas with soil if necessary. Trim any hedges or bushes that are close to the foundation walls leaving a one foot space between the vegetation and your home.

Heating and more

Have your furnace inspected by a licensed heating contractor. Your furnace will work more efficiently and last longer if you have it properly serviced each year. Check your windows and doors for drafts and caulk or seal any leaks to help save on your heating bills.

Remember at the change of each season to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and test them.

Let it snow

If you own a snow blower now is the time to have it inspected and serviced. You do not want to wait until the first major storm of the season to find out that it is not working.

Taking some time to do regular routine maintenance will help to protect one of your biggest investments and prevent costly future repairs.

Julie Jenkins is a sales representative with EXIT Realty in Sarnia.

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