Now’s the time to do something with Oversized Load Corridor

After months/years of talk, now's the time for new PC government to act

Okay, the election is over. And yes, there are lots of initiatives on the table for bringing a little sanity back to the Ontario government.

Here’s one of the most obvious:

With all the talk, all the studies, all the “we’ll see” around an initiative that is GUARANTEED to produce a positive effect on our economy, it’s time to give the Oversized Load Corridor the green light.


For years now, local fabricators have spent millions—typically more than $100,000 at a time—to have power lines and traffic lights moved out of the way so that the delivery of these massive units, from the site of their manufacturer to the Sarnia Harbour or other local port.

And every time there’s a delivery, the cost is incurred again.

What’s needed is about $12-million to create a route that would make those changes permanent, thus reducing the cost for each and every fabricated unit being delivered.

The key in all of this is that there will logically be MORE business gained by the local fabricators, due to the fact that the delivery costs will be dramatically cut.

Now that area MPP Monte McNaughton has been named Minister of Infrastructure, we couldn’t be in a better position to make this happen.

Already a coalition of industry and local governments have said they will invest about half of what’s required, leaving a need for the remaining $6 million to materialize.

The project involves having utility lines permanently raised, streetlights adjusted and roads improved as well as $5-million in dockside improvements to Sarnia Harbour.

A business plan has estimated the corridor could generate an additional $9.5 million in annual sales and create 2,613 person years of employment.

The federal government appears to have thumbed its nose at the area, for who knows what reasons (and honestly, at this point, who cares? We have a federal election coming next year).

Bob Bailey, re-elected as Sarnia-Lambton’s MPP, is on board:

“The construction of the Oversized Load Corridor in Sarnia-Lambton continues to be a top-priority for me,” Bailey told Lambton Shield. “I have briefed the new Minister of Infrastructure on this important file already. I will continue to advocate for its construction.  Building the Oversized Load Corridor would be a great way to show that the province is once again open for business.”

So let’s do it, shall we?

We’ve waited long enough for this job creator to take shape.

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