Nurse charged with theft of drugs from Bluewater Health

Discovery of missing fentanyl and morphine prompted police investigation

(Lambton Shield File Photo)

A 32-year-old nurse at Bluewater Health has been charged with theft and possession of fentanyl and morphine, two medications designed to treat pain.

A complaint from Bluewater Health prompted an investigation by Sarnia Police, which lead to charges against David Cartwright of Sarnia who was arrested Wednesday.

The accused faces three counts of possession of fentanyl and one count of possession of morphine as well as three counts of theft under $5,000.

Now released on bale, the accused is expected to appear in Sarnia court at a later date.

When it discovered the theft, Bluewater Health officials conducted an audit of medication inventory, which is said to have prompted the police investigation. As part of that investigation, it is believed that Cartwright removed a container containing various medications and narcotics from an operating room floor. He is accused of removing additional vials of fentanyl from a medication dispensing machine on the operating room floor.

Early Wednesday (August 16, 2017), Sarnia Police say they executed a search warrant at the accused home and arrested Cartwright at that time.

A street value of the medication has not yet been determined and the investigation continues.

Sarnia Police are asking anyone with further information about the case to contact Detective Constable The street value of the medication has yet to be determined.

The investigation is continuing and anyone with further information is asked to contact Sarnia Police Detective Constable Kent Jamieson at (519) 344-8861 ext. 6221.

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