One of the area’s most experienced Realtors talks about his journey

For Doug Bain, selling (and building) homes has been the only career he's had

As Doug Bain tells it, deciding he would get his real estate licence—which once took days (it takes months now)—was a decision based on how he could maximize the value of his time.

Straight out of high school, Doug went to Lambton College and went ahead to earn his license, which he’s had ever since.

Over the years, he’s been at numerous firms, and I spoke with him about some of the changes he’s seen over somewhere north of four decades in the business.

Today, he runs Royal LePage Key Realty, one of the largest firms in the region, with some four physical offices and at least 40 agents.

He also owns Key Homes, a builder in its own right, that serves as a tidy form of vertical integration.

And why build homes? Doug told me his own builder quit the business, which meant stepping in (and hiring the builder as an employee) was the logical thing to do.

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