One of area’s leading insurance brokers begins series of articles

Hub Gamble will present useful information for community

Barry Hogan Jr. heads one of the area's leading insurance brokers.

The idea that the only certain things in life are death and taxes may be commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin, who first brought that wisdom to his readers in a 1789 letter related to the new American Constitution.

But there’s a pretty good case for adding the need for insurance to any list of items that most Canadians find themselves dealing with at some time in their lives, whether that be policies related to our residence, our vehicles, even our lives.

With that in mind, Lambton Shield is partnering with one of the area’s most knowledgeable firms, Hub International (formerly Gamble Insurance), in a series of articles that we hope will provide insights into various insurance related topics.

It’s been two years since one of Sarnia-Lambton’s most notable brokers became part of Hub International and Barry Hogan Jr., who now serves as president of the Hub Gamble division of Hub International, says being part of an organization with the depth and breadth of Hub gives his clients and others access to products and services not previously available directly through Gamble.

“It really has opened up our opportunities to serve and to add value to the relationships with our clients,” said Barry, who grew up in the business with his father. In 1968, Barry Hogan Sr. began the purchase transition with Bill Gamble, who founded the company in 1948.

Having been in the business now for more than 20 years, Hogan Jr. has seem many changes n the insurance industry.

Through the series of articles in Lambton Shield, which will begin two weeks from today, Hogan will offer some of those insights, not just to his own clients, but to the community at large.

“We know that not everyone is going to choose Hub when it comes to their insurance needs,” says Barry. “While we certainly would hope to at least have an opportunity to work with someone, that’s not why we’re talking about this series of articles. We’re committed to building up Sarnia-Lambton and part of that is having information at hand that makes all of us more knowledgeable when it comes to some of the most significant topics that we all have to deal with. And one of those is insurance.”

One of the first articles Barry will present is on the topic of auto insurance.

“There are a lot of misconceptions regarding things like who can use a car that’s insured by someone else,” said Barry. “Most people—probably 80% or more—would say it’s people who live in the same house, like your spouse, and your licensed children. But it’s not always that simple.”

Things like accident benefits, who and what is covered by those benefits, is worth talking about in its own article.

We welcome Barry Hogan in his role as president of Gamble Hub to Lambton Shield as an opportunity to help us become wiser when it comes to a variety of insurance-related topics.

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