Open Houses to discuss County of Lambton’s Land Management Plans

The County of Lambton and the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority are planning two open houses to present to the public, draft land management plans for parcels of various County-owned land.
The first open house will be held on Thursday, August 11, 2011 from 3 – 7 pm at the Port Franks
Community Centre and will specifically address the Lambton County Heritage Forest located in
Lambton Shores.
The second open house will be held on Thursday, August 18, 2011 from 3 – 7 pm at the County
of Lambton Administration Building in Wyoming and will discuss all other properties including:
Perch Creek Habitat Management Area, Marthaville Habitat Area, Bowen's Creek Lands,
Peter Szabo Memorial Forest, Moore Landfill Buffer Lands and non-building lands at Lambton
Meadowview Villa.
"An important goal of a land management plan is to examine the type of flora and fauna located
in a particular area and to ensure that the habitat supports species at risk," said Jim Kutyba,
General Manager, Infrastructure & Development Services. "It is important that all of the species
be identified to ensure that invasive species are removed, native species are encouraged, and
preferred species for certain wildlife are plentiful."
While the goal is to ensure the lands remain naturalized, many of the parcels are suitable
for passive recreation and public use will be encouraged. "Some of the draft plans call for
maintenance programs that would see trails modified or improved," said Kutyba.
The open houses will allow residents to examine the draft land management plans and ask
questions of County staff or conservation area staff. Public comments will be summarized and
presented, along with the final plans, to a standing committee of Lambton County Council, most
likely in November.
For those not able to attend the open houses, the draft management plans are available online

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