Opinion: All about the truth of guns

gun controlOPINION: By Matt McEachran

Piers Morgan has been riding a wave of ratings as of late, cashing in on the gun debate raging across the U.S. and to a certain extent, Canada.  Alex Jones was apparently the number one term on Twitter the night after his interview with Piers, and a host of celebrities have been in the media on both sides of the debate ever since.

Here at home, Mike Czechowicz wrote a column in the January edition of First Monday, basically calling for the outright ban of all guns in Canada.   Not that Mike is a bad guy (we’ve never met) actually his column “All About Guns”  did a great job of summarizing the feel-good argument of the “all guns are evil” movement that has is being trumpeted in the media lately. 

The problem is this anti-gun philosophy runs the real risk of leading Canada down the path to mass murder and tyranny and Canadians need to know it.

Now that might sound a little farfetched, but I only say it because it is true.  Guns in the hands of criminals is something we all want to eliminate, but guns in the hands of law abiding Canadians is something we should all celebrate. 

Hunting, target shooting, self defense; these are all wholesome activities from hundreds of years of our proud Canadian heritage.   But so is defending liberty and freedom from mass murdering tyrants, and that can’t be done unless the populace is armed.  But first, let’s go back to debunking the myths the media are trying to serve up as fact.

First, you may have heard someone say lately that the United States is one of the most dangerous places in the world.  I’ve heard this from a few places now, and it’s being passed off as if it were true.  And if you never go anywhere or read any books about any other place in the world, just sit at home and watch the Detroit news, you might be inclined to believe this. 

But if you have even a smattering of knowledge of what life is like in the real world, outside the safe borders of Canada and the U.S., you’d know it’s a completely different story.  How is the U.S. more dangerous than South Africa for example, a place the National Post a few mornings ago called  “rape-plagued”?   One in four women is raped there.   Now the U.S. may have its problems, but are women really in more danger there than South Africa?

Or how about Mexico, where nearly 50,000 people have been murdered in drug-related warfare in just the last five years?   Or maybe El Salvador, where refugees in Canada tell stories of how they received a phone call and were given 24 hours to leave or be murdered.   Or maybe the U.K. is safer with a lower murder rate, but triple the violent crime rate? 

And don’t even get me started about how cheap life is in many parts of Africa and Asia.

The fact is the U.S. is actually one of the safest places in the world.  I’m not saying parts of Detroit, L.A., or Chicago are peachy keen, but I am saying overall if you think the U.S. is one of the most dangerous places in the world you have no idea what danger is.

And don’t get me wrong folks, I’m not trying to defend America. There are more than enough Americans that can do that.  I am trying to stop my fellow countrymen and women from buying into this complete nonsense that gun ownership somehow equals danger.

The next whine you hear is usually something about how depressing it is in a civilized society that we view killing machines (guns) as something to be associated with fun and sport, as if all inanimate objects must be branded as only having one purpose.  Yikes –  I wouldn’t want to be at the dinner table when someone mistakenly picks up a salad fork for their pasta.

I don’t want to throw your brain into a tizzy here, but did you know hammers murder more people each year than guns?  It’s true.   So if guns are bad, what does this make hammers?   Are we, in a civilized society, still allowed to use hammers to pound nails, or are they delegated to the “bad” status now too? 

There is a good idea espoused in “All About Guns” and it’s the idea of making sure the bad guys don’t have guns in the first place.  I think everyone can agree with that.  Every gun owner I know is actually begging the government to harass the “bad guys” instead of law abiding gun owners.  And to be honest, I think Canada has done a pretty decent job of doing just that.

The problem though, is that even the anti-gunners realize it’s difficult to get every gun from every bad guy so eventually instead of focusing on bad guys, they shift their attention to all guns being bad, in some mad attempt to rid the entire country, bad guys included, of all guns.  The problem is it doesn’t work.

Anyone ever heard of prohibition?  How well did that go over?

What about drugs?  How well has the war on drugs gone?   Think about this…. even in prison, they can’t keep drugs out.  If we can’t keep drugs out of a building with armed guards, gates, walls and fences, someone please explain to me are we going to keep guns out of the entire country?

You won’t.  All you will do is leave the average citizens defenceless.  The criminals will still be armed.

And lastly, the biggest, most important reason we should all be very wary of more gun control, is also the least likely to happen.  Our freedom depends on it.  Let me explain.

Sometime when you have just five minutes to spare, Google the topic of how many people dictators have killed.  You’ll find in just the last 100 years, its somewhere around 100 million people.  China, Zaire, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Ethiopia, the Philipines, Congo…. the list goes on and on.

Over thousands of years of history, it’s a very clear trend.  But you only have to look as far as the last 100 years to get a sense of the worst threat to human life: tyranny.

All of the dictators come and disarm the people.  Every time.   It’s pretty hard to murder millions of your own people if they still have the weapons to fight back.   

Don’t take my word for it.  Take the word of Kitty Werthman, who lived in Austria in the 1930s and 40s.  Werthmann recalls that It took less than five years for Austria to go from freedom to a murderous dictator.  And the worst part is the people elected him.  It wasn’t an invading army, they just didn’t recognize what they were doing.  It all sounded good when they voted for it, just like the anti-gun propaganda today.

Now this is the part that the mainstream media and journalists love to make fun of.  After all it can’t happen in Canada.  “Do you really think Stephen Harper is the next Mao?” they all laugh.

No I don’t.  I also don’t think my house is going to burn down but I have fire insurance.

It reminds me of  The Grasshopper and The Ant.  The anti-gunners, the safety police, the government elite and the mainstream media who have never shot a gun in their life, all want us to hand our guns in. “Its' so sunny and hot today, winter will never come” is basically what they tell us.  When you look up at the sky, it's tempting to believe them, for there isn’t a cloud to be seen. 

But those of us who know better prepare for winter anyway, just like the ant.   That’s the real Canadian way.

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  • Garry

    Well said, Matt! Our country has sufficient laws to protect its people from law-abiding gun owners. Unfortunately, those who ignore the law are not affected by this; nor will trying to disarm honest citizens who require guns in their employment or use them in recreational endeavours cause any decrease in the havoc created by criminals with guns.

  • Charlesj

    I think I have to agree. The guns are already out there and they’re making more guns every day, some which probably come into Canada. Just judging from the Toronto news every teenager seems to have a gun. I don’t have a solution but the situation is already desparate.

  • Larry

    Excellent Matt: No truer have been spoken.

  • Larry

    I should say: No truer words have bee spoken