OPINION: Despite its intents, proposed legislation is a violation of our freedoms


Our federal government is attempting to pass bills into law that will grant INVASIVE, COSTLY and UNSAFE powers to authorities who wish to spy on Canadians WITHOUT a warrant.

So-called “Lawful Access” will grant access to private information of law-abiding families using internet and mobile devices without any reasonable justification. 

These laws will leave our personal and financial information more at risk and less secure as any number of hands could come into contact with it with no strong oversight or controls over it’s use or whom can handle it in place. It will also cost us millions of dollars, as internet service providers will be forced to build special functionality into their networks that allow authorities unfettered access to this information.

It would seem that this is in direct violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 8, “Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.”

Vic Toews, minister of public safety, along with Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party, want you to believe that this bill will aid in the investigation of criminals. Toews has, on multiple occasions, suggested that anyone who opposes these bills is supporting “child pornography”. 

Nevermind the obvious emotional manipulation and sickening use of fear and child abuse as a tool for political agenda, let’s look at the facts:

In situations where there is a real threat to Canadians, the police already have the power to act without these new laws in place. As per “child pornography”, headlines on February 2nd across the province trumpeted the largest child porn bust in Ontario. It was said that over 9000 IP addresses were linked to the investigation and 60 arrests were made. All of this done with our current laws in place. 

These “spy bills” will assume Sarnia residents are guilty until proven innocent, and it would seem that according to Toews, everyone you know is a supporter of child abuse until proven otherwise. This is obviously not the case. We cannot let him misuse child victims as an excuse to pass a costly and invasive set of laws. 

Please join me and send a strong message to our Government, and our local MP, Pat Davidson, that we are NOT criminals and we value our safety and privacy.

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