OPINION: It’s our responsibility to raise our kids, not the government’s

Sex education changes are only part of a larger problem

matt mceachranAren’t you sick of Ontario’s MPPs having different ideas? What we want is all politicians to think exactly alike, believe all the same solutions, have the same thoughts and never differ from our Dear Leader. Said no Ontario taxpayer, ever.

But wait, let’s take it one step farther. Should any “crazy” politician dare believe in something different, then obviously they should be publically shamed and humiliated, even if it is a concept this great country was founded on.   Doesn’t that sound like the kind of government we all want?

(I see a few heads in Toronto nodding in agreement)

If ideas can’t be raised and discussed in the Ontario Legislature (you know, the trademark of provincial democracy) then where exactly are ideas safe to discuss?

I’m talking of course about two incidents which happened recently involving MPP Monte McNaughton and MPP Rick Nicholls.

Monte McNaughton as you are likely aware by now made the “grave error” (l’ll indicate sarcasm from now on with these handy quotations) of challenging Dear Leader, oops I mean Premier Wynne’s changes to the sex education program. You remember these changes, the ones attempted in 2010 which were withdrawn after Ontario parents expressed “mild opposition”. (yes, sarcasm again. You got it)

You know, the same changes that include introducing sex ed to children much younger than the current status quo. Nothing necessarily fishy there, except we found out after that one of the architects of this new sex ed curriculum is a pedophile who plead guilty to possession of child pornography.   Ok, admittedly that does make things a “little” creepy.

Creepy enough that parents and apparently one MPP question Premier Wynne’s authority to now shove this down parents and students throats.

Ms Wynne “stared down” McNaughton demanding to know if she was unqualified because she was a woman? Or maybe because she is a mother? Or, wait for it………if it’s because she has a master’s of education? That last one was enough to make me laugh out loud.

Ooooh a masters of education. I didn’t’ realize a master’s in education automatically made you dictator of Ontario’s education. “She’s so qualified!”

McNaughton’s point obviously was that parents should have some say in their children’s education, and that a scandal plagued Premier with (how many now, 3 or 4?) police investigations into her government, shouldn’t be given carte blanche to make changes to our children’s education.

I don’t care which side of the fence you are on about the new sex ed curriculum, the idea that parents should have some say shouldn’t be unpalatable to you. And it should not be unpalatable to the legislature of this province.

The grandstanding by the premier was eaten up by the media and glorified, much to the delight of the apparently “tolerant” left.

But hang on. There’s even ”more” tolerance coming.

“Crazy” MPP Rick Nicholls shortly thereafter made a comment that opting out of teaching students evolution was not a bad idea.

Again, I don’t care what side of the evolution debate you are on. I may not like your ideas, but you’re welcome to voice them in the legislature if you are an MPP. I’m pretty sure our democracy is strong enough to handle it.

But listen to our “tolerant” Dear Leader. The idea that an MPP does not believe in evolution “took her by surprise because she thought every member of the legislature believed in the science that was being taught in Ontario schools.”   (those quotations are actually legit, I was quoting the February 26 National Post there)

Yes, MS Wynne was surprised that an MPP doesn’t believe every piece of science taught in Ontario’s public schools.

For realsies?

Ontario has over 100 MPPs and anyone old enough to read a newspaper ought to know the only thing they can all agree on is a pay raise.

Furthermore, is Ms Wynne really naive enough to think that everything taught in an Ontario school is the gospel truth?

Exactly how oblivious is this group of elites that run the province?

Now it’s the Ontario voters turn to be surprised. I mean I always knew our provincial politicians from Toronto were “out to lunch,” but I had “no idea”!

Oh and yes, the fact that Monte and Rick are both from rural Ontario ridings was brought up.

Can’t you hear all the Toronto MPPs laughing now? Those “crazy” hicks outside the GTA! They’re so stupid! Who believes in God anymore, or parental accountability? – eruption of guffaws –

That’s the type of open discussion and tolerance that must make North Korea proud.

And for the record, many members of Rick and Monte’s own party were not happy with their opinions either by the way. Apparently no one likes dissenting opinions these days.

But the voters of Ontario should.

Make no mistake about it, whether we agree with “crazy” ideas or not, Ontario democracy needs to be an open door, tolerant enough to listen to all ideas and opinions without scorn or scoff. We may not vote for these ideas, we may not even like them, but our Legislature needs to be a free exchange of ideas. Otherwise, let’s just have one party on the next election ballot.

Dear Leader’s grandstanding reply to McNaughton wasn’t “brave”, it wasn’t “tough” and it wasn’t about her being a woman or her sexual orientation. It was disgusting, disgraceful and shameful. And it’s time the people of Ontario called her out on her “tolerance” of parents rights. We may not all have a Master’s of Education, Ms Wynne, but we’re still smart enough to raise our own children.

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