OPINION: Massive debt leads to hard choices we shouldn’t be having to make


The funny thing about spending yourself into massive debt is there is no money left for anything.  Who knew?

And that friends, is where we find ourselves.

By now you’ve likely heard the story of a local family desperate for help to care for their child who has severe physical disabilities.

You may have heard it on the local radio station or CBC Radio, or read about it in any of the local newspapers across southern Ontario that have jumped on this story.  In short, half the province is up in arms over the situation.

And yet the Ontario government has done nothing.

That’s what happens when you spend yourself into oblivion like Ontario has.  There’s nothing left for things that count.

It was only a few short weeks ago that our very own finance minister, Dwight Duncan admitted that the Liberals cancelled the power plant in Mississauga because they were behind in the election poles.  That cancellation cost us, the taxpayers of Ontario, $190 million.

What’s shocking about this is that they’re not even bothering to hide the truth.  Its right out in the open.  And what did Ontarians do?

Apparently just a collective sigh, “Oh well, we’re used to getting ripped off.”

This is a travesty, it’s an outrage!  Is this really the best response we’ve got?

What the Liberals have done should be criminal.  Spending our money to get re-elected?  People should be in jail for this.  There should have been a furious mob demanding Dwight Duncan and Dalton McGuinty’s arrogant hides. 

Who lets people steal from them and get away with it?

We do.

And now there’s no money left for those who need it.  

Mothers with double lung transplants, in frail health that can no longer look after their own child are being told “tough”.  There’s no money Ontario says, “we’ve already spent it on our re-election”.

And it’s not just one family suffering.  There is currently about 200 people with disabilities in Lambton County alone, on a waiting list for housing.  And yet there’s no money.

We’ve let this happen.

We’ve let our own government steal our money, use it to get their jobs back to steal some more and we did nothing. 

We let the McGuinty government spend our money with no priorities.  All-day kindergarten, raises during recessions, subsidized solar and wind power, government lunch inspectors; these are just a few of the billions of dollars we let the Ontario government spend with no outcry.

And don’t get me wrong, I actually like some of the things on that list.  But there is no question in my mind they were not “needs” they were “wants”.  And they should have waited until Ontario had the money.

Is every-day kindergarten, which costs $1 billion per year, really worth keeping physically disabled people homeless?

If that choice was too tough, how about this one;  Should Ontario over-regulate school lunch policies or help a family in need? 

These are easy answers.  No one would vote to keep disabled Ontarians from getting adequate housing, but keeping quiet while the government overspends is a vote for the same thing.

But what we understand is something basic that the elitists in Queens Park don’t:  Every dollar counts.  Every dollar spent on some pet project is a dollar wasted that could have went somewhere productive.

And it is up to us to hold the Government accountable. 

We’ve hit the wall financially in Ontario and it’s some of the least fortunate in society that are forced to pay for it.  It definitely isn’t being paid for by Dalton McGuinty or Dwight Duncan.  They can’t even pay for their own re-election.

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