OPINION: Windmill power no matter what—even if it means killing eagle habitat?

bald eagle nest 2OPINION: By MATT McEACHRAN

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people that like to pay a lot more for my hydro; it’s a small price to pay to save the environment.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs lost due to Ontario’s high electricity prices?  No problem.

An economy tanking in part because the government is too busy blowing billions on pet environmental projects?   Bring it on.

Knowing that the environment is better and animals are safer….  awww crap,  there goes my theory.

At least that’s how my imaginary conversation with a member of the Ontario Liberal government  transpires, now that a photo of a bald eagle’s nest being cut down to make way for wind turbines has gone viral.

Yes that’s right, look again.  Cutting down a bald eagles nest to make room for wind turbines.  That’s the kind of evil, uncaring, environmentally-callus attitude we’ve been trained to expect from a coal generation plant, isn’t it?


The truth spills out.  That picture speaks volumes about the Liberals’ Green Energy Act, far better than all the newspaper columns and Auditor General reports added together, ever could.

I mean, a bald eagle?   The only thing that could have been a worse public relations disaster would have been a polar bear.  Even people who don’t care about the environment care about bald eagles.  Everyone knows that.

But then again, the Liberals have shown they will let nothing stand in their way from implementing their environmental ideology.  Apparently even the very environment they were trying to save in the first place.

This picture encapsulates everything that is wrong with the Ontario government’s attitude.  With everything really, but especially the Green Energy Act.

Let’s recap some typical Liberal government hypocrisy, shall we?

First, and almost as maddening as killing Bald Eagles, is the fact that the Liberals have made any type of zoning or “planning” changes infinitely more difficult since they got in to power over 10 years ago.

Talk to anyone that has tried to use their own land and had to make zoning changes, or anyone who simply wants to buy land and use it for something that is not currently allowed by municipal planning.   Heck, just ask Lowe’s why it took them two extra years to move here.  Or any of the churches or charities that have tried to sever lots off their land to make some money in Sarnia over the past 10 years.

It’s dang near mission impossible, and that’s being polite.

The time it takes to clear all the environment studies, approvals, inspections and paperwork is measured in months or years, not weeks.  The cost is in tens of thousands of dollars, not just thousands.

It’s choking the life out of Ontario, literally.

And that’s exactly why the Liberals exempted themselves out of most of this process.

Yes that’s right, realizing they had created zoning processes so complicated that their own wind turbines would become entangled in it, they simply stripped away most of the approval powers from our elected municipal representatives.  In other words, you and I simply do not have a say.

Is that the way you think our province should function?  Is this a “fair playing field”?

I thought everyone had to pay their fair share?  You know, we’re all equal, that kind of thing.

Should it not enrage every Ontarian to know that the people we elected to represent us in zoning issues have had their authority stripped away when it comes to government projects, but not private citizens trying to build a home, or employee some people in a business?

It’s especially disgraceful when government projects are killing birds and ruining the rural landscape.  Oh well, too bad for us I guess.  Too bad for the bald eagles.

But hang on…. if you know the Liberal government by now, you know this train wreck isn’t over yet.

How about the fact that according to the Auditor General’s report in 2011, wind power had lost $2 billion in exports alone, meaning that when Ontario exports wind power, they have to sell it at a loss.   A $2 billion loss apparently.

Does that make you feel good?

Well try this one on for size.  Christina Blizzard pointed out in her column last Saturday, that wind power is not replacing coal power.   I have to admit, I was shocked.  Isn’t that the point of all these financial hardships and monarchial zoning exemptions?  If we’re not offsetting coal power, then what the barnacle are we doing?

Wind power is actually offsetting hydro power.

Yes that’s right, we’re decreasing an affordable, environmentally friendly method of generating power all in the name of wind power.  Is this the bargain you thought you were in for?

Blatchford explains that wind power generates 3% of Ontario’s total electricity, exactly the same as the decrease in hydro power generation.

Clearly that’s just the icing on the cake.  All along many Ontarians have had a gut feel that wind power, higher electrical prices (much higher that is), and saving the environment just didn’t add up.  Now we have the evidence that none of it is happening.

And best of all, the Liberals jumped over the zoning and planning requirements that they jacked up on all of us.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?  Why do we let our own Provincial government waste our money, chase away jobs in Ontario and clutter up our rural landscape, all with no repercussions?

Oh sure some are protesting, but where is the outrage from the rest of Ontario?   As one person told me, “They aren’t building any windmills in Toronto”.

That’s odd.  That’s where all the Liberal’s votes are too.

How long does this have to happen before the rest of Ontario finally says “Enough”?

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