Pace of current United Way campaign appears to be improving

'We still have some catching up to do'

Procor Employees Ray, Jay, Tyler and Ron enjoy the annual BBQ at the plant. Procor matches all employee contributions made to the United Way during their employee campaign. Currently, the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton has raised $1,507,000, or 75% of the $2,000,000 goal.

The United Way hit and slightly exceeded the 75% level of the $2,000,000 goal this week, and we are currently at $1,507,000.

Although it is nice to be over the three-quarters level today, this time last year we had hit the 80% mark so we still have some catching up to do.  We seem to have been about five or six percentage points behind last year’s pace since early October.

Over 3,000 donors have already pledged their support this year and more retiree contributions and small business donations are coming into the office through the mail on an almost daily occurrence.  Many retirees are eligible for their donations to be matched by their former company, but time is running out.  Most of the remaining companies that match employee and retiree donations have set a donation deadline of Friday.  Some retirees wishing to donate on or before Friday can also donate online using a credit card at

Procor just commenced their employee fundraising on Friday with their annual BBQ and Canada Border Services Agency at the Blue Water Bridge will wrap up their employee fundraising on Wednesday with a bake sale.  Procor matches all employee contributions to the United Way so that is always an important employee drive to get going at this stage of the campaign.  In addition to the BBQ, Procor employees have a number of fun events to raise additional money and pre-campaign fun.

Many of the local banks are also in the early stages of their employee campaigns.  Many banks including individual branches have had employee presentations before the bank opens, and many more are scheduled.

We have a number of campaigns that are still running and we are doing all that we can to help make them as successful as possible.  We completed 11 weeks of campaign and begin the 12th week tomorrow so we are running out of time, but we do still have four weeks to go.

We talk in terms of a $2,000,000 goal, and it seems like such a large number which of course it is, but when we have just 20 or 25% to go, every donation is even more important, and each contribution has an impact on what is remaining in the campaign.

The United Way campaign will wrap up at the end of the year and donations are accepted at any time.

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