‘The Painted Cat’ is living her dream of being an artist

'I've tried all the 'real jobs'—this is what I've always wanted to do,' says Cat Cabajar

Photo by Joan Biggs.

For Cat Cabajar, being an artist is a lifelong dream but one that she’s finally realizing. From her very earliest recollections, she was drawing, painting and otherwise expressing herself in artistic endeavours. She even worked for a summer as part of a traveling theatre group in Alberta.

One example: when she was working at a call centre—one of those “real” jobs she’s since gotten over—her supervisor came over and saw her doodling on a pad. “What are you doing?” he said. Cat replied that she was just doodling and she’d already done her work.

“No, what are you doing HERE?” her supervisor replied, clearly realizing that he was witnessing an artist at work.

And Cat realized it was time to do what she was meant to do.

In this “bonus edition” of Spotlight, Cat tells the story about how she embraced her calling and, through The Painted Cat, the now flourishing business she created six years ago, she’s generating smiles throughout the community.

The Painted Cat is entering one of the busiest seasons of the year, including Halloween and the Christmas period. You can book Cat Cabajar’s services by sending her an email:

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