Passing snowplow can be a dangerous thing

Lambton Safe Roads Committee says risky behaviour should be avoided

Passing a snowplow is dangerous, and can put you and your passengers at risk of a crash, say members of the Lambton Safe Roads Committee.

“It’s safer for drivers to stay a safe distance behind the snowplow than to pass,” says Kelley Elliott, chair of the Lambton Safe Roads Committee and Health Promoter with Lambton Public Health. “Snowplow blades can be very wide and drivers who pass a plow can put themselves at risk of a crash if their vehicle clips a blade.”

This winter, help snowplow drivers do their job:

  • Stay well behind the snowplow. If you cannot see the plow’s side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.
  • If a snowplow is approaching, do not pull over to the side of the road to answer phone calls; it can interfere with snow clearing.
  • Do not drive on closed highways until they are re-opened. It is against the law.

Before heading out, remember to check road conditions at Ontario 511, an interactive website for travellers. Visit for more information on winter driving.

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