Peter Mansbridge headlines sold-out event at Lambton College

Iconic CBC journalist talks about the country he has covered for 50 years

Peter Mansbridge is pictured with Judith Morris of Lambton College, just ahead of the third annual President's Gala on Saturday.

It was a sold-out fundraiser on Saturday evening at the Lambton College Event Centre, the third annual President’s Gala.

This year, the headliner was Peter Mansbridge, the iconic journalist who spent 29 years as the anchor of The National and who continues to flex his journalistic muscles through the production of documentaries.

But on Saturday, just before he sat down for dinner with his host, Lambton College president Judith Morris, he spoke with the media, including Lambton Shield, where we had the chance to prompt a recall of how he ended up in the top job at CBC News, a position that for years was occupied by Knowlton Nash, the “Mansbridge” of another generation.

The event began three years ago and remains a significant fundraiser for projects such as the renovation and construction of world-class facilities at the College, including the Centre for Excellence & Bio-Industrial Technologies, which officially opened on September 20, 2018.

Also supported in the past were the new Athletics & Fitness Complex, which officially opened on October 18, 2018.

This week, on Wednesday, May 18, the College will hold the grand opening of the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre, another project which has been helped through the President’s Gala events.

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