Petrolia Line heavy truck ban working, says residents

There has yet to be any tickets issued, according to Matt Deline, Lambton County public works manager

Travis Poland/Lambton Shield

Petrolia residents feel safer downtown now that large trucks are banned from the town’s main street.

A year ago, Lambton County Council endorsed restrictions on heavy trucks in Petrolia. At that time Petrolia Line was closed and under construction.

Since Petrolia Line reopened in October, trucks weighing 28,600 kilos or more were officially banned on Petrolia Line from Mandaumin Road to Oil Heritage Road – unless the trip is a local pickup or delivery.

So far, most agree the restrictions have been effective.

“There have been very few incidents reported, or feedback of any kind from transportation companies,” said Matt Deline, public works manager for Lambton County. “To my knowledge there has not been any tickets issued.”

The ban was put in place after residents voiced safety concerns.

“It seemed like a dangerous situation waiting for something terrible to happen,” said Rosanne Orcutt, a long-time Petrolia resident who pushed for the ban.

“It was awfully noisy,” said Dave Hext, another Petrolia resident who campaigned for the ban. “It would shake the house, especially at night.”

Orcutt said heavy trucks take longer stop than cars which can pose a safety risk for pedestrians.

“I know we need to be careful when we cross roads, but there a lot of school children going back and forth; Children get exuberant. There’s a lot of older people going back and forth and older people also get exuberant,” said Orcutt.

“I think banning heavy, unnecessary trucks did contribute to the safety of the community,” she said.

Hext said since the ban heavy truck traffic has decreased.

“It’s been a lot quieter,” said Hext. “If a truck does need to go into Petrolia I think they’re a little more cautious than they used to be.”

A form is available on the Lambton County’s website to report trucks who may have violated the ban.

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