Photo feature: SMAA football action Sept. 26

All photos and coverage by Cathie Bell

In SMAA football action last Wednesday night (Sept. 26) Atom division play, the Rob Simrak Magic Realthy Razor Claws defeated the Lanxess Shock Wave in a 22-14 contest. Pictured is  Aaron Shanks (#80) of the Lanxess team tipping over the goal post.

 In other Atom play IPlanet Stitch Inferno retained their undefeated status with a win of 30-16 over the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 62 Iron Hides. Pictured is Ethan Barnes (#7) of the Inferno heading for the endzone, flanked by teammate Cody Johnston (#12).

In the only PeeWee game of the night, played under the Norm Perry lights, the Force drove a wedge into the Storm's undefeated record, for a win of 19-7. Here, the teams line up for a showdown in the Force's endzone.

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