Photographer continues to bring ‘real world’ experience to students

As coordinator of the Digital Photography program at Lambton College, Richard Beland continues to help a 'next generation' of photographers

When we sat down with Richard Beland for this episode of Spotlight, it wasn’t for the first time.

Indeed, quite some time ago, we spoke with Richard, who not only teaches in the Digital Photography program at Lambton College, but created the program some four years ago.

Richard is also known for having photographed The Tragically Hip in some 160 concert venues around the world.

Here’s a link to the story I wrote about Richard and the program nearly three years ago.

Plus, he continues to be in demand for his experience and creativity in shooting musical acts.

In fact, when we had this latest conversation, Richard was back and forth heading to Niagara Falls to photograph various acts at Fallsview Casino, which makes him a very busy guy.

But that “real world” experience, which other instructors in the program also share, makes the Lambton College program stand out from other schools throughout Ontario.

I hope you enjoy my latest conversation with Richard Beland and be sure you share with your network!

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