‘Pigs of Hope’ fundraiser hopes to ease financial pressure on cancer patients

1 out of 5 cancer patients in Ontario can't get to appointments because of physical or financial challenges

It takes an average of $50 to provide a one-way trip for a cancer patient to travel to their treatment and Paula Mackinlay of the Canadian Cancer Society is hoping you can lend a hand.

“The reality is that one of five cancer patients cannot get to their cancer-related appointments because of physical or financial challenges,” said Mackinlay, the fundraising specialist at the local office of the Society.

Through the Wheels of Hope program, cancer patients get help through the provision (in 2016) of some 2,248 rides to appointments for 427 adult cancer patients and nine children and their families.

There were 53 volunteers driving 236,136 kilometres as part of the Wheels of Hope.

“Pigs of Hope,” an initiative currently underway by the Society, hopes to raise as much money toward the Wheels of Hope program. In 2016, it cost $85,000 locally to provide the service.

Mackinlay explains how the fundraising program works:

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