Podcaster/author brings a new perspective to how to ‘make it’

Understanding your 'tendency' might make things a little easier, if not enjoyable

Photo of Gretchen Rubin via Tim Ferris' blog. (

More often now and perhaps ever before, I find myself thinking about how I can make this place I live in a better one than it was when I arrived.

It’s not that big of a task, really. Anything I can do to nudge things in the right direction will do it.

I also find myself gravitating toward tools that might make all of that happen on a more regular basis, which is why when I heard about Gretchen Rubin and her “Four Tendencies” (she was interviewed by Tim Ferriss, one of my favourite podcasters), my ears perked up.

A few weeks later I stumbled upon the title as an audiobook, which I’m listening to now.

It’s fascinating and something of a breakthrough in that Rubin not only outlines what those four tendencies are—Upholder, Obliger, Questioner, and Rebel—but gives advice on how to deal with your own tendencies and those of others.

This got me thinking, especially when Katie Horvath, who runs a Facebook group called “Vocalize Sarnia” put forth a statement the other day asking members of the group to give their position on it, (agree or disagree), and why. The statement: “In Canada, you can be anything you want to be or do anything you want to do, provided you work hard, make good decisions and choices.”

I agreed with the statement, but with the proviso that knowing what tendency you are would be helpful.

What I particularly appreciated was the spirit behind the statement itself and the willingness of someone like Katie Horvath to open it up to a discussion. Not blanket statements. Not something that’s going to create a yelling match.

But a discourse of ideas, with people (hopefully) being respectful of the experience of others and their (likely) different perspectives.

My thought is that exploring “how” we’re different and incorporating the natural tendencies of people to what we throw at them might be even more helpful.

Why not give it a go?

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