Pooches aplenty at Rosewood Manor

Dog program delights residents at Sarnia retirement community

Pictured above, dogs and their owners from Canine Companion Training Academy are seen here during a visit to Rosewood Manor.

Rosewood Manor recently played host to a group of five dogs and their owners who came to the Sarnia retirement community to entertain residents.

The dogs, which came in a variety of breeds, performed tricks for the 25 residents attending, including wheelbarrows and dancing. The dogs and their owners were from the Canine Companion Training Academy.

One dog, who was deaf, took hand signals as cues from its owner, which was particularly fascinating to residents.

“The residents love this type of thing,” says Bev James, the home’s activity director. “Residents always enjoy programs with animals.”

James got the idea to host the dogs and their owners after a visitor recommended Canine Companion Training Academy.

She adds that having a dog show at the home is a good way to advertise the many interesting programs that happen at Rosewood Manor.

“A lot of people don’t know what we do here and what living here is all about,” she says.

This story was provided to the Steeves & Rozema Group by Axiom News and originally appeared on the S&R Today website. Republished with permission.

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