Popular ‘CANstruction’ event in support of food bank takes place this weekend

Inn of Good Shepherd expects some 40,000 pounds of food to be donated

Last year's 'Innovate' structure was put together by a team from NOVA Chemicals. The CANstruction event takes place this weekend at Lambton Mall to benefit the Inn of the Good Shepherd.

This year’s CANstruction event is about to hit the halls of Lambton Mall and with it one of the Inn of the Good Shepherd’s most popular opportunities to generate thousands of pounds of non-perishable food.

It’s the seventh annual event and organizers say 13 teams from a variety of firms and community groups will take part, starting with the “build” day on Saturday, April 14.

Photo by Kaoss Studios.

Judging and awarding of top structures will take place on Sunday, April 15 but the structures will remain in place at Lambton Mall through Tuesday, May 1.

At that time, the structures, typically made of cans and boxes of non-perishable food, will be taken down and transported to the Inn, for distribution as part of its regular food bank distribution program.

Teams involved in the competition will be challenged to build impressive structures using only non-perishable food items of all sizes and shapes that they personally collected. Each “work of art” will be judged in a number of categories:

—Best use of labels;
—Structural ingenuity;
—Best meal;
—Judges’ favourite;
—Most cans;
—Rookie team;
—Best use of theme; and
—Junior outstanding structure

As part of an international competition held by CANstruction headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Sarnia placed 11th for the most cash donated in its CANstruction competition. Sarnia placed 21st for most food collected (43,859 pounds).

Sarnia consistently places among the top 25 internationally, beating out large cities such as Dallas, Philadelphia, and Cleveland.

Also this weekend and beyond, visitors to Lambton Mall can vote for their favourite structure by making a cash donation at each site.

The structure that raises the most money will be designated the People’s Choice Award winner.

Myles Vanni, the Inn’s executive director, has said the event helps keep shelves stocked until Thanksgiving.

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