Power Supply gives champion’s performance as they rocked the Duc D’Orleans up and down St. Clair River

In recent years, Sarnia has clearly become synonymous with large music festivals such as Rogers Bayfest and the annual live music charity bash Get The Ball Rolling, both extravaganzas that not only bring some of the biggest stars in music to town, but also give opportunity to rising stars by showing off sensational home grown talent.

There’s a reason for that – Sarnia, and Ontario as a whole, breeds some of the best musical talent on the face of the planet. Most would agree, our fair city easily boasts some of the best original music and cover talent this side of the 49th parallel.

In essence and among other great attributes, Sarnia’s become known as a music town for its festivals, its rich pool of musical talent, and the community’s consistent support of its burgeoning music scene. That support can be seen weekly at local venues like Lizard’s and Jack Doyle’s; and at annual festivals like Ribfest, Under The Bridge and Captain Kidd Days.

That said, this past weekend local cover music band Power Supply was the embodiment of exactly why this town’s become known for its talent and demonstrated why they’re considered some of the best of the best as they rocked the Duc D’Orleans up and down the St. Clair river for three raucous hours.

“We’re really excited to be here tonight and love being able to entertain everyone on the Duc,” said lead guitarist Julius Sneider. “It’s a sold out crowd and the main thing is that everyone is into the music and having a good time.

Notably, Power Supply are crowd pleasers and fierce showman in the most quintessential sense, frequently talking to the crowd and intimately connecting to the audience on different levels throughout the night.

The crowd was eclectic with a heartening mix of young, old, and everywhere in between, all united under a banner of drinking alcohol and a genuine love for some good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. There was no doubt that the crowd was definitely buying what the band was selling, demonstrating an insatiable appetite for a diverse mix of rock ‘n’ roll classics of the everyday man.

Some of the familiar classics that were covered included Van Halen’s Running With The Devil, Guns ‘N Roses Mr. Brownstone, Boston’s Smokin’ and Rock And Roll Band, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and Separate Ways, Deep Purple’s Highway Star, and Tragically Hip’s Blow At High Dough.

Another notable highlight of the evening was easily the band’s new lead vocalist Renée Vandertil-Card who lit up the stage with her powerful, amazing vocal control, range and style. Her raw energy and natural tenacity to rock the mic took the group’s performance to the next level as she plowed through each of the songs like she wrote them herself.

“I’ve been with the band now for a handful of dates, probably four or five shows, and am having a lot of fun entertaining people,” said Sombra native Vandertil-Card. “I grew up on country music and was always a country girl until I discovered classic rock and have since never looked back.”

There’s absolutely no doubt in the minds of everyone who attended that Power Supply’s sold out gig rocking out on the Duc was one of the best one-night parties of summer’s end. The band said that this was their first annual party cruise and it definitely won’t be the last.

“We’re here to stay!” said keyboardist Marc Morin.

If you would like to learn more about the Power Supply or want information on upcoming dates, you can visit their website at www.powersupplyband.com.

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