Program to tackle suicide-related issues is coming to Sarnia

NOISEWhile Jack Windeler, a first year student at Queen's University, died by suicide just three years ago, his legacy lives on in a program to increase mental health awareness, reduce misconceptions about mental health, and encouraging struggling individuals to reach out.

When Jack's parents—Eric Windeler and Sandra Hanington—established the Jack Project as a way to tackle the issues that lead to their son's suicide, they likely had no idea just how powerful their message would resonate.

One of the Jack Project's initiatives, "Unleash the Noise," will be held 10 days before Windeler comes to Sarnia.

On March 25, Eric Windeler will visit Lambton College to tell that story. His "How to Save a Life" will include presentations from mental health experts, individuals who have dealt with suicide and others who live with mental illness.

Students in Lambton College's Sports and Recreation Management program, tasked to organize a guest speaker series, were the first to contact Windeler, asking him to speak. Recognizing his schedule, they didn't expect a positive response.

But students were happily surprised when Windeler said "yes."

In the first two years of the Jack Project, the effort raised more than $1 million while focusing on two areas—mental health outreach stimulating investments and youth-facing technology.

To confirm your attendance at this no-charge event, or to find out more information, please contact [email protected].

For more information about The Jack Project, visit

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