Some properties connected with Bayside purchase may have environmental issues

Phase I review, which was condition of purchase, has triggered need for Phase II check, says developer

At least one of the buildings that is to be part of a redevelopment effort at Bayside Centre has had its purchase delayed while an environmental review of the property takes place.

At least three properties that the new owner of Bayside Centre intends to purchase as part of a redevelopment plan have had their closing dates pushed back while an environmental review takes place, says a representative of the developer.

One of those properties is the now former Templebar restaurant/pub. The owners of the establishment, while told they could remain open until a proposed demolition could take place late this year, decided to close the business and sold the chattels prior to the intended closing date.

But Lambton Shield has been told that the purchase was conditional on an environmental review (the Phase I). The results of that due diligence has raised some concerns.

In the case of some properties on the Christina Street side of the block, a past discharge of fuel is said to have occurred at some point, potentially contaminating properties adjacent to the leak (including the properties that are part of the sale to the Bayside owner). Those concerns, which are part of a “history” that makes up a Phase I environmental review, would have triggered the need for a Phase II environmental review.

The former Taylor’s furniture building is one of those on the Christina St. side of Bayside that will fall under a Phase II review.

On the east side of Bayside, a building next to the former Industry Theatre (which was the former Odeon Theatre) was at one time used as a photo developer. Concerns related to the proper disposal of chemicals related to that operation are said to have prompted the Phase II on that property.

The review process on all affected buildings is expected to take 4-6 weeks, said Mike Service, general manager of Bayside Centre.

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  • Sarnian

    Remember, Northern Ethanol that was supposed to build in Sarnia as Laschinger was proud to be promoting it, and then when the media questioned him, he called them Liars. Well, where is that plant?.

    The former CEO and President of that company (Northern Ethanol) is now the one behind Bayside. Lambton Shield forgot about the fraud that occurred at Northern Ethanol as its CEO and President wasn’t an innocent party in that fraud as his co-workers were arrested for stock fraud by the FBI.

    Everyone remember Frank Klees, the former cabinet minister in the Harris government. Klees may have had in interest in Northern Ethanol, and is friends with Laschinger, and it’s possible that Klees may have some connections to the government which if proved true would show how and why Westdale, Laschinger got the deal for Bayside.

    Some defend his friends and partners of Fercan, Westdale who originally purchased Bayside along with him before selling it to Laschinger in a matter of a few short months after closing the deal, only for Westdale and Fercan to have been discovered as sketchy as well. Deflections, delayed deadlines, changing from one partnership to the other in less than a few months, making upgrades is the classic sign of an alleged Land Flip.

    Land Flip is possible here. Just look up the failed scheme of Northern Ethanol, corruption at Westdale, and Fercan. There’s your answer.