‘Queen of the Lakes’ sails past Sarnia

We were able to capture the MV Paul R. Tregurtha, a lake freighter that currently the “unofficial” title of Queen of the Lakes as the longest freighter on the Great Lakes, from our vantage point on the U.S. side just south of the Blue Water Bridge.

The footage was taken just before 4:30 p.m.

The ship was originally launched as the William J. De Lancey, named after the then-chair of the American Ship Building Company, which fabricated the vessel in Lorain, Ohio. It was christened on April 25, 1981, and delivered to its customer, Republic Steel, which used it to transport iron ore from Lake Superior ports to its steel mill at Indiana Harbor.

(n 1990, the vessel was renamed the Paul R. Tregurtha, who was vice chairman of the Interlake Steamship Company.

The ship was the last of the 13 “thousand footers” to enter service on the Great Lakes, and was also the last Great Lakes vessel built at the American Ship Building Company yard in Lorain, Ohio.

It was built to serve as a bulk carrier as well as to provide executive passenger transportation, one key reason for its having full air conditioning, elevators and luxurious decor.

It was built in two parts. The keel, which was constructed in Toledo and laid down on July 12, 1979. The forward section was towed to the ship builder’s yard in Lorain, where it was mated with the stern portion.

The completed ship has a total length of 1,013 feet.

Source: Wikipedia.

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