‘Race to Erase’ event raises nearly $34k for charity

Goodtimes 4 Goodwill team is now two-time defending champions

Photos by Edward Allen.

The 11th annual Race to Erase charity event, held last Saturday (September 24) raised almost $34,000 for the various charities supported by individual teams, says organizer and founder Rich Bouchard.

A team from Goodwill—Goodtimes 4 Goodwill—finished the events in 1140 seconds—19 minutes.

Photo by Edward Allen.
Photo by Edward Allen.

The top fundraising team, the Legacy Lappers—raised more than $2,200 for St. Clair Child and Youth.

The Race to Erase, begun in 2006, is an annual event where teams of four compete in fun-filled challenges throughout their community, all in support of local charities.

The Race begins when individuals connect with friends, family or co-workers and create a team of four (aged 16+). Once the team captain has registered the team online, you fundraising begins. There is no fee to register, but each team is asked to raise a minimum of $500. When you register, you choose which charity you would like funds to support. All of the money raised goes to the charity of their choice.

Teams can collect donations in person, online, or a combination of both. Pledge sheets are available to download on the Race to Erase portal, after you have registered. Prizes are handed out to the top fundraisers on Race Day.

The Race to Erase consists of a combination of savvy and smarts – no goofy shorts required.

This year’s event took place at Fairwinds Farm.

Photo by Edward Allen.
Photo by Edward Allen.

On Race day, teams compete to complete the challenges in the fastest time. Everyone gathers together at the start to register before heading out to their first stop. The start of the Race is done shotgun-style: teams are sent out to different locations, and only after they have completed the first challenge are they given the location of the next one. For some examples of past challenges, click here.

Teams drive between the challenges, all hosted by local business and not-for-profits. Driving faster does not help you win the race – only the challenges themselves are timed. In fact, any team that receives a traffic ticket is automatically disqualified. The challenges are designed to be not only entertaining, but to raise awareness and exposure for the hosts. Our goal is to ensure that everyone finishes the Race knowing a little more about their community than they did at the start of the day. Finally, when the last challenge is completed, everyone meets back at the start (which is now the finish line) for lunch (which is provided) and the awards ceremony. A trophy is handed out to the team that completes all of the challenges in the fastest time.

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