Raising the bar with a print edition of Lambton Shield

'Debut' issue in the works for later this year

Eight years ago this month, I was working on plans to launch the digital media site you’re reading now. What became LambtonShield.com was just an idea in the summer of 2010 but it was (and still is) a powerful one, an opportunity to do my part in raising the bar on the quality and quantity of local news.

Launched in November 2010, Lambton Shield was what happens when I start thinking about what might be if I put my passion for storytelling to work.

Many of you already know that I borrowed the name from the first publication in the area, a newspaper that Alexander Mackenzie, who went on to become Canada’s second prime minister, launched in 1852.

And now, we’re coming “full circle” with plans to launch a print edition of Lambton Shield later this year.

Some might wonder why go print when the future is digital?

Good question and I think there’s an even better answer.

People want choice. And they want to spend time—quality time if you will—reading articles that bring stories to life in one of the finest communities in Canada.

There will still be a digital LambtonShield.com, a site that will continue serving the community, especially in a way that gives us the immediacy we’ve become used to integrating into our lives.

The print version of Lambton Shield, however, will also be a way for even more people to experience what we have to offer, including our advertisers.

We’re working with CRCREATIVE (formerly Country Road Graphics) in transforming a 32-page, four colour publication (Life Inspired) that will be rebirthed as Lambton Shield.

Advertisers familiar with the work of Matt Pasut and his team will appreciate the quality and attention to detail that will be part of a new Lambton Shield going forward.

I hope you will too!

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