RCMP warning against counterfeit merchandise

The Sarnia detachment of the RCMP is reminding consumers to be careful what they buy after 100 counterfeit "lululemon" items were seized from a house party in Point Edward earlier this month.
Counterfeit items are often cheaply made and do not meet Canadian Standards not only do they defraud consumers, but also represent a risk to consumer safety, says an RCMP news release.
The Mounties say the following tips may assist the public in determining if the product is counterfeit:
Package: The packaging has spelling errors or a shoddy appearance.
Price: The price seems too good to be true.
Place: The seller is not a reputable retailer (use extra diligence when purchasing items from the Internet or  house parties).
Product: The quality and appearance of the product is not satisfactory.
The trade in counterfeit products has an enormous negative impact on honest businesses and on Canada's economy, says the news release. Thousands of jobs are lost when legitimate companies lose sales to counterfeiters.  Counterfeiters often do not pay taxes which means that counterfeiting is stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from all levels of government, which robs funding from education, health care and employment.
Further information to assist the public is available on the RCMP's website at:
Anyone with information regarding the sale or production of counterfeit merchandise is asked to contact the Ontario RCMP at 1-800-387-0020 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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