Are you ready for spring? I’ll bet you can’t wait

April brings with it the tantalizing promise of days ahead that waken up the neighbourhood

It’s spring—officially—but as people who have come to embrace the seasonal uncertainty we call Canada know all too well, nature is also a bit of a tease.

As I write this on an early Monday morning, it’s -3 and cloudy (I haven’t dared to look outside yet) but the week ahead is typical for the second full week of April—a high of 2 today, up to 7 tomorrow, 11 on Wednesday and a balmy 18 on Thursday.

But that’s all part of nature’s teasing—it’s coming but wait—that’s typical of this time of year.

I keep reminding myself that there’s a reason gardeners don’t plant until the end of May—the threat of a killing frost is very real right up to that point. The lesson learned (or not) by those who “can’t wait” for warmer weather to settle in is one that happens every year.

Not quite ready for “seasonal retirement.”

All that said, this time of the year is one of my favourites, bringing with it the promise that I’ll be able to take down the top on Gladys, my 2005 MINI Cooper, for the occasional zip into town, shedding my winter jacket and hat for another year.

It’s also a time when I can start looking forward to events that will breathe life into our neighbourhood.

In just a few days, my snowbird neighbour will be returning from Florida. And yes, he’ll do his traditional bit of complaining about how he’s trying to “adjust,” but the rest of became used to the occasional phone call in which he’d brag about how nice it was when we were shoveling snow.

He can suck it up.

It’s all in good fun, of course. And the neighbourhood, yours and mine, will come alive as the next few weeks offers at least the promise of weather and a changing season.

The buds on the backyard Norway Maple are getting bigger and the lawn is yearning for the good raking that I didn’t quite get to completing last October.

I’ll be getting at it soon enough. I’m sure of it.

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