Rehab, convalescent care programs get people moving in 2018

S&R LTC communities saw great success stories of helping people regain their mobility in 2018

One of the great gifts Steeves & Rozema long-term care communities give people is renewed mobility which results in enhanced quality of life, and we saw some great examples of this in 2018.

Trillium Villa in Sarnia has a convalescent care program that helps people transfer back home after hospital stays. Joyce Banning is a graduate of the program who was able to move back home after a two-month stay at Trillium.

During her nine weeks at Trillium Villa, Joyce says she was taken by the kindness, support and professionalism displayed by staff members, the physiotherapy team and volunteers. And she noticed this professionalism not only in the convalescent care program but also with other residents.

“The (nursing) staff and physio staff have been very understanding; the dining room services have been great and there are so many volunteers who are willing to help,” she says. “This is the most loving place. …

“I will encourage anyone I know who needed the same (treatment) to go to this program. I will tell them, ‘if you need help after your surgery, go to Trillium Villa.’ ”

Other examples of help given to S&R residents includes the story of Terry Dancey, who moved into Heron Terrace on Dec. 19, 2017, she had decreased mobility on her left side, was unable to bear weight on her left leg for more than 15 seconds and required a sit-to-stand lift for transfers.

Six months later, thanks to her determination and help from the Windsor long-term care community’s physiotherapy, nursing rehabilitation and front-line teams, Terry was able to get around with a walker with minimal assistance.

Terry joined the active range-of-motion program to help improve her strength and flexibility. She was also placed on transfer training because she no longer wanted to rely on the sit-to-stand lift for transfers. She was eventually able to safely transfer to her bed with the help of one staff member.

Terry says the nursing rehabilitation and physiotherapy teams encouraged her to reach her goals from Day 1.

“They started therapy right away and got me walking with different exercises, and I just progressed from there,” she says. “The staff were very supportive.”

In June, Lanark Heights resident Adelina DaRosa began participating in the Kitchener long-term care community’s nursing and restorative care program to improve her walking and transferring. At the time, Adelina was experiencing episodes of extreme shoulder pain which resulted in her not being able to use her walker and requiring a wheelchair for mobility. Adelina also needed assistance from staff members to transfer because of the pain she was experiencing.

Adelina set two goals: to regain her mobility and to transfer. Specifically, Adelina wanted to work towards being able to walk from her room to the dining room with only her walker, and her transfer goal was to be able to transfer without assistance from staff.

Working with the nursing-care team, including rehab nurses and personal support workers, Adelina began walking with her walker with staff members following close behind with her wheelchair in case she needed a break. For transferring, she practiced sit-to-stand exercises at the railings.

After a month of working with team members, Adelina not only met her goals, she exceeded them, says Lanark Heights life enrichment manager Nathan McFadyen.

“After being in the program for a little more than a month, Adelina no longer requires a wheelchair; she is back to a walker,” Nathan says. “Adelina is also no longer requiring physical assistance from staff to transfer, and that’s thanks to the hard work of the nursing team members. Adelina has not only reached her restorative goals, she has also surpassed them.”

This story was provided to the Steeves & Rozema Group by Axiom News and originally appeared on the S&R Today website. Republished with permission.

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