Repairs to begin at Lawrence House

Work on roof as well as windows and doors will comply with Heritage guidelines

Major roof repairs are set to begin at the historic Lawrence House, which is owned by the City of Sarnia.

The building, located at the corner of Wellington St. and Christina St. in downtown Sarnia, hosts various arts programs for children and adults. Some of these include programs ranging from visual arts, music, and literary.

The Queen Anne-style home was built in 1892 and home to the Lawrence family. William and Elisabeth Lawrence had three children: Ralph, Wilber, and Edger. The family had settled in Sarnia, Ontario and had owned most of the logging industries in the surrounding area. William Lawrence had passed away in 1922 and Elisabeth in 1944.

The house was left empty and untouched  for 33 years until it was donated to the city in 1977. Tours have been given to the citizens to raise money to restore the house to its original magnificence.

Some of these restorations will focus on the repairs of the roof. Cedar shakes on the turret will be replaced and repainted and ornamental iron work will be refastened. Other restorations will include the repairing of the stained glass windows, porches and window frames will be repainted, the lighting will be replaced with LED lights by Bluewater Power, and there will be an inspection on the brickwork and chimney. The paint colours and the style of the woodwork will receive special attention in order to restore the house to its original appearance.

As of today, the house has been used for hosting art programs for adults and children. Some people claim to that the house is haunted because shadows are seen, voices are heard, and mysterious footsteps leading up and down the elevator. It is said that Elisabeth Lawrence loved the place so much that her spirit stayed in the house. Members of Beyond Ghosts Canada, a non-profit paranormal organization, had received chirping sounds, when they tried to make contact with her spirit.

The house is an important piece of history to the city of Sarnia, so the restoration of the house’s original appearance is crucial.

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