Replica of new MRI will be featured entry in CANstruction 2013

CANstruction LogoYou won't have to actually use Bluewater Health's new MRI machine to see—at least roughly— what the high-tech piece of equipment looks like.

Just show up to the CANstruction event this Saturday and Sunday at Lambton Mall for a glimpse in the form of a structure that's being put together by the Bluewater Health Foundation team.

One of several structures to be built in support of The Inn of the Good Shepherd, the entry—“Be the I in MRI—was engineered by Robert E. Dale Engineering and will feature over 2,500 cans when complete.

Sponsors of the display effort include Robert E. Dale Engineering, CCI Studios and Ken’s Valumart.

The MRI machine is a newly installed piece of equipment that will perform more than 9,000 scans annually at Bluewater Health. The Bluewater Health Foundation has raised 55% of the total cost of the MRI, meeting over half the $2.8 million MRI Campaign goal which began last year.

The can structures will be judged on the basis of healthy meal choices, structural ingenuity, and people’s choice. All cans are donated to The Inn of the Good Shepherd once the competition is complete. 

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