Residents and families showcase creative talents at Rosewood Village door-decorating event

Contest fosters friendly competition and teamwork

Rosewood Village residents and their families had a chance to showcase their creative talents just before the holidays during a door-decorating contest that was held at the Sarnia seniors living community.

The idea was the brainchild of fun co-ordinator Bev James, who wanted to host a fun event that would involve both residents and family members.

“I sent a notice out to all the families that we were going to have a door decorating challenge, and if they would come and help their parents and have some fun trying to come up with the best design,” she said.

After the residents and their families completed their door decorations, staff members and managers visited each door to judge the work and pick two contest winners.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, given the great job everyone had done, James says, but in the end team members chose the doors created by residents Homer Van Cowanberg and George Moran and their families.

Van Cowanberg won first prize for his door, called “Ho Ho Homer”, which featured Santa Claus tying a scarf on a snowman. Moran won second place for a large Santa that took up his entire door. All participating residents received a box of chocolates for their efforts.

James says she’s “very proud” of the work the 16 residents and their loved ones put into their projects, and she even made a photo collage featuring each of the doors because she says she wants everyone to see the residents’ hard work.

She says the event even galvanized teamwork among the residents. One resident, she notes, was ill during the days everyone was working on their doors, so others chipped in their time to help create a decoration for the gentleman’s door.

“Everyone’s heart was in the right place,”

This story was provided to the Steeves & Rozema Group by Axiom News and originally appeared on the S&R Today website. Republished with permission.

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