Retired chemist hears story of a disrupted African ‘micro economy’ and takes action

Pat McGil, an experienced chemist who spent his career at both Dow Chemical and Dupont, decided to give himself an unusual “retirement gift”—the donation of money to build rooms in a school in Uganda.

But that was just the beginning of a story that McGill is continuing to write, working with a group of women in the African country whose source of income effectively disappeared when the government closed off portions of the Nile River, thus eliminating a profitable white water rafting ecosystem in the area.

In a conversation with J.D. Booth of Lambton Shield, McGill talks about how the project he’s now involved with really began by accident.

Today, he’s helping that group of women by organizing the manufacture and sale of colourful bags that return a significant source of livelihood.

The bags are available for sale at two stores in Sarnia-Lambton: Cheeky Monkey on Christina Street and DeSena’s Hardware in Bright’s Grove. McGill can be reached by email—[email protected]—or phone: (519) 466-4431.

Now listen to our conversation as we learn more about this “person to person” example of how someone has reached out and helped make a real difference in the lives of people who might otherwise be overlooked.

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